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Note that our website does not currently provide Fiduciary Information regarding ERISA Regulations' Sections 408(b)(2) and 404a-5

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Fidelity Bond Premium Calculator

You may use the link below to obtain a premium quotation and to apply for a Fidelity Bond for your plan through Colonial Surety Company.  We provide this link as a convenient means to obtain a premium quotation and the required bonding.  Milberg Consulting LLC is compensated for bonds secured through this link to Colonial Surety's website.

Milberg Consulting does not endorse the use of the Colonial Surety Company or make any representations or warranties relative to the quotation or placement of the your plan's Fidelity Bond.  Nor shall Milberg Consulting be liable to the employer, plan sponsor, plan participants or the Colonial Surety Company with respect to any errors and omissions in connection with the quotation or placement of your plan's Fidelity Bond.  

We suggest that you obtain other premium quotes directly from other carriers or from a commercial insurance broker to insure that the pricing and terms you receive from Colonial Surety Company are competitive with the market for this coverage.  Also be mindful that a Fidelity Bond does not provide liability coverage for the plan fiduciaries.

Learn more about ERISA's Fidelity Bonding Requirements and Fiduciary Liability Coverage

Fidelity Bond Premium Calculator and Application for Colonial Surety Company

Fidelity Bond Premium Calculator and Application for Colonial Surety Company for small plans with non qualifying assets to obtain exemption from annual audit requirement.

Watch-out!  If the non qualified assets are not specifically listed on the bond application, the surety company issuing the bond has no liability in the case of a loss involving those assets.

Learn more about small plans with non-qualified assets that may be subject to audit requirements. 

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